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Refactoring, Part 2


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: self-learning, proficiency in English, ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and critical thinking.

Activity Description

Individually, each student shall do a class presentation on the following specific code refactorings.

Edgar David Pimentel Flores Move Method 25-Feb
Fernando Max Uriza Zepahua Move Field 25-Feb
Alfredo Tarango Mora Extract Class 25-Feb
Norma Shantall Loeza Balcázar Inline Class 25-Feb
Juan Andrés Rocha Bravo Hide Delegate 25-Feb
Juan Manuel Fernández Pérez Remove Middle Man 25-Feb
Luis Guillermo Cervantes González Self Encapsulate Field 25-Feb
Alfonso Jiménez Rosano Replace Data Value with Object 25-Feb
Arturo Nereu Núñez Martínez Change Value to Reference 1-Mar
Walter Renzo Cangahuala Hinostroza Change Reference to Value 1-Mar
Iadir Nithael Correa Loo Replace Array with Object 1-Mar
Luis Daniel López Mejía Replace Hash with Object 1-Mar
Juliana Peña Ocampo Replace Magic Number with Symbolic Constant 1-Mar

Each presentation must meet the following requirements:


Elements that will be taken into account during the evaluation include: knowledge of the topic, clarity of the presentation, and quality of the support materials.

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