Advanced Algorithms


The following table shows the sub-competencies to be developed in this course. The competencies to which said sub-competencies belong are also presented so that you know where the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you must achieve in this course come from.

Competency Sub-competencies
Computational Systems Fundamentals

Bases the behavior of computational processes and information technology-based on principles from natural sciences and mathematics.


Explains the operation of computational systems by means of arguments based on the interactions between the components and their environment, creating conceptual models where the components and their relationship with their environment are described.

Commitment to sustainability

Applies standards, norms and principles of sustainability in the development of computer and information technology systems.


Applies the standards and norms of his/her profession contrasting them against the restrictions of use according to the process, product or service where it will be applied using the norms and standards most relevant to the domain of the problem to be solved, clearly distinguishing between the two.

Development of Computational Algorithms

Solve problems by generating efficient computational algorithms under computer science models and tools.


Implements reliable and correct computational algorithms that solve problems.


Optimizes robust and efficient computational algorithms that are applied in the development of solutions.

Reasoning for Complexity

Integrates different types of reasoning in the analysis, synthesis and solution of problems, with a disposition to continuous learning.

Scientific Thinking

Solves problems and questions of reality, based on valid and reliable methodologies.