Data Structures


The following table shows the sub-competencies to be developed in this course. The competencies to which said sub-competencies belong are also presented so that you know where the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you must achieve in this course come from.

Competency Sub-competencies
Problem solving with computation

Solve problems of different levels of complexity through the application of computational methodologies and information technologies in controlled and uncertain environments.

Problem evaluation

Evaluate the components that make up a problem according to computational principles and processes.

Decision making

Make decisions during problem solving under uncertain conditions and different levels of complexity based on research and computational methodologies.

Implementation of actions

Implement scientific and engineering actions or computational processes that meet the type of solution required.

Digital Transformation

Generate solutions to the problems of their professional field, with the intelligent and timely incorporation of cutting-edge digital technologies.

Vanguard Technologies

Evaluate various technologies with openness to search and implement relevant alternatives for the transformation of their professional practice.