Tombstone Diagrams


During this activity, students should be able to:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: analysis and synthesis, efficient use of information technology and the ability to identify and solve problems.

Activity Description

This is an individual activity. Assume that you have the following components:

Using tombstone diagrams, demonstrate how a document D written for the LaTeX typesetting system can be viewed in a Windows PC.

Your solution must be handed in as a GIF, PNG or JPG image file. You may use any graphics tool to draw your diagrams. You may even hand draw it and scan it, as long as you deliver one and only one graphics file using only the specified formats.


Using the Online Assignment Delivery System (SETA), deliver the image file containing your solution. No assignments will be accepted through e-mail or any other means.

Due date: Wednesday, November 19.


This activity will be evaluated using the following criteria:

DA The activity was plagiarized.
10 The delivered file is not a GIF, PNG, or JPG image.
50-90 The solution has some flaws.
100 The solution is correct.
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