Functional Programming


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: self-learning, proficiency in English, ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, critical thinking, and a vision of the international context.

Activity Description

Individually, read the following article:

Once you've finished reading it, you must post a message at the electronic forum as stated bellow.


Post an original contribution of at least 200 words to the electronic course forum. Your post may consist of a comment, opinion or critique about the article. Alternatively, your contribution may rebut or support any of your classmates' posts. In this case, you should always be respectful and include an adequate line of reasoning that justifies your assertions. If you happen to consult other sources (books, digital library, Internet, magazines, etc.), you should state the complete reference in your message.

Your message must be posted under the forum theme: Functional Programming.

Due date: Wednesday, August 20.

Note: Questions regarding this reading will be included in this week's quiz.


This activity will be evaluated using the following criteria:

-10 The contribution contains three or more grammar or spelling errors.
-30 The contribution was posted after the due date.
-30 The contribution cited some resource, but the corresponding reference was not included.
-90 The contribution is mostly irrelevant.
-50 The contributions consists of less than 200 words.
-90 The contributions is not in English.
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