S/W Design and Architecture

Moon Machines


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: proficiency in English, critical thinking, and a vision of the international context.

Activity Description

This activity is about the documentary video titled “Moon Machines: The Navigation Computer” (44 minutes long) produced by the Science Channel in the year 2009. This video was seen during class on Monday, August 8. Publish a blog entry as stated below.


In your course blog, publish an original blog entry of at least 300 words in English or Spanish. Your entry may consist of a comment, opinion or critique about the video. If you happen to consult other sources (books, digital library, Internet, magazines, etc.) you should state the complete reference.

Due date is Thursday, Augsut 11.

Note: Questions regarding this video might be included in the next online quiz.


This activity will be evaluated using the following criteria:

100 The blog entry meets all the requirements.
-10 The blog entry contains three or more grammar or spelling errors.
-30 The blog entry was published or shared after the due date.
-30 The blog entry cited some resource, but the corresponding reference was not included.
-50 The blog entry consists of less than 300 words.
-99 The blog entry was plagiarized in whole or in part.