Advanced Algorithms

Project: Adversarial Caterpillars


During this activity, students will be able to:


This activity must be developed in the pre-assigned teams of two.

Using the Dagor framework, design and implement in Python a player for the caterpillar game (Orugas) that plays by applying an “intelligent” strategy. Make sure to review the Adversarial search chapter from [KOPEC] in order to approach this problem adequately.

The each team’s implementation will compete against the implementations of the other teams in a strategy tournament whose rules are described below.

Tournament Rules


Place in a comment at the top of the source file the authors’ personal information (student ID and name), for example:

 * Project: Adversarial Caterpillars
 * Date: 01-Dec-2022
 * Authors:
 *           A01770771 Kamala Khan
 *           A01777771 Carol Danvers

Upload Instructions

To deliver the file, please provide the following information:

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Only one team member needs to upload the file.

Due date is Thursday, December 1.