S/W Design and Architecture

Short Videos: Refactorings


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: self-learning, proficiency in English, ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and critical thinking.

Activity Description

Individually, each student shall create a short video presenting a specific code refactoring.

Sebastián García OlivaresInline Method
Francisco Ariel Arenas EncisoReplace Temp with Query
David Enrique Gaona GarcíaReplace Temp with Chain
Viviana Osorio NietoRemove Assignments to Parameters
Jesús Zabdiel Sánchez ChávezSubstitute Algorithm
José Luis Hernández SorianoExtract Surrounding Method
Sebastián Morales MartínRemove Unused Default Parameter
Rubén Villalpando BremontMove Method
Alex Serrano DuránMove Field
Oscar Macías RodríguezExtract Class
Bruno Hae sal Vázquez HwangInline Class
Mariana Paola Caballero CabreraHide Delegate
Emiliano Javier Gómez JiménezReplace Data Value with Object
Javier Alexandro Vargas SánchezReplace Array with Object
Alejandro Torices OlivaReplace Hash with Object
Eduardo Roberto Müller RomeroEncapsulate Collection
Pablo García MoralesReplace Type Code with Polymorphism
Víctor Alfonso Sánchez TorresReplace Subclass with Fields
Fernando Sebastián Silva MiramontesLazily Initialized Attributes
Alex Fernando Leyva MartínezDecompose Conditional
Zoe Caballero DomínguezRecompose Conditional
Diego Palmerín BonadaConsolidate Conditional Expression
Claudio Mayoral GarcíaConsolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments
Alek Fernando Howland AguilarRemove Control Flag
Rodrigo Cravioto CaballeroReplace Nested Conditional with Guard Clauses
Fernando Manuel Melgar FuentesReplace Conditional with Polymorphism
Michel Antoine Dionne GutiérrezIntroduce Assertion
Francisco Javier González MolinaReplace Exception with Test

Each short video presentation must meet the following requirements:

Check the following video by Eduardo Gallegos Solis to see an example from a previous semester.


Upload to YouTube your finished video. Publish it as Unlisted and share the link using our Yammer Community.

Due date is Friday, April 1.


Elements that will be taken into account during the evaluation include: