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Presentations: Refactorings


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: self-learning, proficiency in English, ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and critical thinking.

Activity Description

Individually, each student shall do a class presentation on the following specific code refactorings.

Rodrigo Guinea Nava Replace Temp with Chain Tuesday, October 7
Alberto Guerrero Ramírez Extract Surrounding Method Tuesday, October 7
Andrés Peláez Fialdini Substitute Algorithm Tuesday, October 7
Víctor Colín Amador Move Method Tuesday, October 7
Juan Carlos Torres Luna Extract Class Tuesday, October 7
Berenice Itzel Serrano Torres Replace Array with Object Tuesday, October 7
Axel Alejandro Gutiérrez Olivo Replace Hash with Object Tuesday, October 7
María Fernanda Martínez Reyes Encapsulate Collection Tuesday, October 7
Rodrigo Maldonado Weil Replace Nested Conditional with Guard Clauses Tuesday, October 7
Luis Santiago Luévano García Decompose Conditional Friday, October 10
Aldo Giovanni Camarena Ramírez Introduce Parameter Object Friday, October 10
Manuel Alejandro García Tovar Replace Subclass with Fields Friday, October 10
José Manuel Salinas Terán Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments Friday, October 10
Alán Maximiliano Hernández Pallares Remove Control Flag Friday, October 10
Omar David Rivera Vázquez Change Unidirectional Association to Bidirectional Friday, October 10
Jorge Apolinar Zúñiga Cisneros Replace Parameter with Explicit Methods Friday, October 10
Erick Josué Gabriel García Replace Constructor with Factory Method Friday, October 10

Each presentation must meet the following requirements:


Elements that will be taken into account during the evaluation include: