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Presentations: Antipatterns


During this activity:

This activity helps the student develop the following skills, values and attitudes: self-learning, proficiency in English, ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and critical thinking.

Activity Description

Individually, each student shall produce a short animation about a specific software antipattern using one of the following platforms:

These are the specific topics as assigned to each individual student:

Name Antipattern Link
Rodrigo Guinea Nava The Blob
Alberto Guerrero Ramírez Continuous Obsolescence Link
Andrés Peláez Fialdini Lava Flow Link
Víctor Colín Amador Ambiguous Viewpoint Link
Juan Carlos Torres Luna Functional Decomposition Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5
Berenice Itzel Serrano Torres Poltergeists Link
Axel Alejandro Gutiérrez Olivo Boat Anchor Link
María Fernanda Martínez Reyes Golden Hammer Link
Rodrigo Maldonado Weil Dead End
Luis Santiago Luévano García Spaghetti Code Link
Aldo Giovanni Camarena Ramírez Input Kludge
Manuel Alejandro García Tovar Walking through a Minefield Link
José Manuel Salinas Terán Cut-And-Paste Programming
Alán Maximiliano Hernández Pallares Mushroom Management Link
Omar David Rivera Vázquez Cover Your Assets Link
Jorge Apolinar Zúñiga Cisneros Vendor Lock-In Link
Erick Josué Gabriel García Swiss Army Knife Link

Each animation must meet the following requirements:


The video must be uploaded to YouTube or some other publicly available site for videos. Due date: Monday, November 24. Once the video is available on-line, send the corresponding link to